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Slovenia - 10 Years of Independence
Path to Independence
Slovene Contribution to World Civilisation
The Celebration

From the Plebiscite to the Declaration of Independence
War for Slovenia
Independence Documents
Recalling Memories
26 June 1991 - Ljubljana, the Square of the Republic


Older countries command respect due to their history; the wonderful thing about the new ones is that we have watched them since birth. Especially at a time when every event takes place in the media limelight with the images, otherwise enshrined in a mythical twilight, arranging themselves into a surprising logic of both rational traits and unpredictable fatality. We were there, simply put, it happened to us and we are free of all subsequent interpretations. It is therefore worthwhile reliving our independence directly, on its anniversary, in the words of those who played a leading role. Those who were enshrined in the foundations of Slovenia through word, vision, power and deed.

  • Vinko Beznik, a pensioner
  • Miran Bogataj, State Undersecretary in the Ministry of Defence
  • Dr France Bucar, a retired Professor of Administrative Law, President of the Slovenian Pan-European movement
  • Niko Grafenauer, manager and Chief Edior, Zalozba Nova Revija
  • Spomenka Hribar, Ph.D., retired Professor of Philosophy and Sociology
  • Prof. Dr Tine Hribar, lecturer of phenomenology and philosophy of religion at the Faculty of Arts
  • Dr Peter Jambrek. In addition to teaching, consulting and publishing, he works in the area of European and constitutional law of human rights
  • Jelko Kacin, Deputy of the National Assembly of Slovenia
  • Dr Matjaz Kmecl, Professor Emeritus and literary historian
  • Dr Marko Kranjec, Ambassador Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the European Union in Brussels
  • Tone Pavcek, poet
  • Tone Persak, writer, lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Mayor of the Community of Trzin
  • Alojz Peterle, Deputy in the National Assembly
  • Miran Potrc, Deputy in the National Assembly of the RS
  • Janez Slapar, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the UN in New York
  • Rudi Seligo, writer
  • Dr Alojzij Sustar, Archbishop of Ljubljana, retired now
  • France Tomsic, B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, retired now and a free-lance writer of historical articles
  • Franci Zavrl, BA in psychology director and partner, frequent visiting lecturer at home and abroad, in the field of public relations and management
  • Ciril Zlobec, Poet, writer, translator, literary editor of long standing, a member of the SAZU presidency, member of three other academies of science and arts (Croatian, European and Mediterranean)
  • Viktor Zakelj, MSc in economics, entrepreneur