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Slovenia - 10 Years of Independence
Path to Independence
Slovene Contribution to World Civilisation
The Celebration

From the Plebiscite to the Declaration of Independence
War for Slovenia
Independence Documents
Recalling Memories
26 June 1991 - Ljubljana, the Square of the Republic


We Slovenians succeeded, indeed, those at home and those abroad, to tread a path to independence harmoniously. Had we "counted out" at that time those who were on the right from those who were on the left, those who are "ours" and those who are not, this century-long dream would certainly have failed. What is more, we were very lucky. These were the days of a unique national consensus. Today, Slovenia is a successful country which is making its break-through into the global policy and which has absolutely justified its existence. We are responsible for ourselves and have all the potential to, though small, be preserved through the culture of the Slovenian language. Unfortunately, the internal national consensus broke down soon after gaining independence when the politicians from the right option and the Catholic Church restored the hundred-year long dispute between liberalism (communism) and Catholicism (anti-communism), a dispute which consumes a lot of our energy and strength and creates tensions and an unfriendly atmosphere among the people. Thus the issue of a national reconciliation has remained topical.